Sightseeing Tours

Hong Kong is a city of great contrasts with picturesque rural landscapes, impressive city sights and natural beauty that ranges from the untamed to the idyllic. It is a city that speaks Chinese traditions and colourful festivals set in the midst of cutting-edge technology. We have designed our tours in accordance to the interest of our visitors. Gourmet tours, hiking tours and edutainment tours can be arranged in alignment with the needs of the visitor. Hong Kong offers such scope, from an orientation tour of the city to see famous landmarks, to tours which offer a deeper understanding of the traditions and customs of the Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong is many things to many people – open your senses and decide what this amazing city means to you.

Explore Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island Tour
A half day tour which takes in many of the main attractions: Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Stanley Market and Aberdeen fishing village on the Hong Kong Island. As the city continuously changes, this tour enables you to refresh old memories and for first time visitors to create new ones.
Iconic Kowloon & New Territories Tour
Venture to the New Territories and parts of Kowloon to discover a different side of Hong Kong, one which is rich in history and culture.
Tour will visit one of the few remaining walled villages, Chi Lin Nunnery constructed entirely of Cyprus wood and a chance to explore some of the markets of Mong Kok.

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