Hong Kong Lifestyle

Central & Beyond Walking Tour
The future meets the past in Hong Kong and nowhere can you see this more clearly than in the Central & Western District. We board a tram and head down to the west. Here you will see traditions of the past that remain vibrant today. The tour takes you into a different world past dried seafood shops, herbalists, galleries, curio shops and temples. To get an authentic feel of life in Hong Kong, we will skip high-end restaurants and head directly to a cha chaanteng, local café for a taste of a local pastry and milk tea that are well-loved by the locals here.
Kowloon Foodie Tour
We will guide you on a culinary journey through the streets of Kowloon for a truly unique Hong Kong evening out. Get to sample some of the famous dishes of Hong Kong and find out why the locals are so passionate about their food. For a cultural experience with a difference, our friendly foodie guide will take you to explore the interesting sights of Jordan and Yau Ma Tei. Visit five hand-picked locations and eat as the locals do on the streets and in the Dai Pai Dongs.
Come Horseracing Tour
Let us take you to try your luck and enjoy the thrill of horseracing in Hong Kong. This popular pastime has been providing first class entertainment to the locals and tourists for over 100 years. Originally a sport for the city's elite, you will see how it is enjoyed by people from all walks of life today. Join this tour to enjoy the action on the turf from the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Member's Enclosure, which has optimal views of the track. As you enjoy your buffet meal, soak in the atmosphere and experience the first-hand excitement created at the races.
Dim Sum Cooking Class
Dim Sum, literally means touching your heart, a Cantonese style snack. It is a tiny dish that is stuffed with various ingredients. The beauty of the dim sum is the skill of the chef and also the combination of the ingredients on offer. Our chef will unveil the secret recipe and guide you to create one for yourself. Our chef has blended traditional culinary skills with his imagination to make classic dim sum in the form of cute penguins and lively squid. Enjoy your hands -on experience and the dim sum that you make in the class.