Our Outlying Islands

Lantau Island Monastery Tour
Join us on a fascinating tour of Hong Kong's largest island on this full day excursion. Discover a pristine beach, a traditional fishing village, lush valleys, soaring mountains and spiritual enlightenment. The tour starts with a ferry ride to MuiWo, located on the southern side of Lantau Island. On arriving at Lantau Island , the tour heads to the Cheung Sha Beach, which is popular with locals and visitors alike. From the beach, the tour bus takes you to Tai O, the historical fishing village where the Tanka boat people still live in their stilt houses today. A day trip to Lantau would not be complete without a visit to Po Lin Monastery and the Giant Buddha. Time is given to explore these two attractions before heading to Tung Chung on the Ngong Ping Cable car.
Cheung Chau Island Tour
Cheung Chau Island literally translated means "Long Island". This island is located about 12 kilometres south west of Hong Kong Island and here the locals commute daily to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon for school and work. Cheung Chau is totally pedestrianized and people on the island rely on bicycles to get around. Cheung Chau Island is rich in history and culture and there are lots to learn on this interesting walking tour of this island.
Lamma Island - Hike and Dine
It is the 3rd largest island in Hong Kong with an area of around 14 km2. The island is very rural with some rugged scenery and granite hills, as well as tiny settlements and quiet beaches. Here on this island you will only find bicycles and miniature emergency vehicles. Yung Shue Wan in the north and SokKwu Wan in the south are the main ferry gateways to the Island thus making them the two most popular villages. A popular activity for visitors is to hike from between Yung Shue Wan, with its expatriate community, and SokKwu Wan, a sea food paradise. The journey takes around 70 minutes on this 3 km family trail, an opportunity to explore the island and reward yourself with yummy seafood dishes at local eateries. As an island which is devoted to fishing, do not miss the Fisher folk's Village built on the 1,300 m2 pontoon that showcases the fisher folks' culture, all exhibits are contributed by the villagers.