Welcome to Indonesia

A Land Of Charm And Hospitality
Made up of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, stretching 3,200 miles from east to west and straddling the equator between the Australian and Asian Continents.

Indonesia is a colourful riot of many rich, traditional cultures and breathtaking natural beauty. Immerse in the picturesque views of the volcanoes set against lush vegetation or be enchanted by the scenic waterfalls and lakes dispersed throughout the region. Discover the invigorating hot springs and visit the numerous ancient temples across the many islands. Filled with warm and generous people, Indonesia are always ready to extend their warmest welcome to all and amaze you with their multi-cultural content.

Some Festivals And Events Not To Be Missed.
Nyepi Day
Nyepi Day is the day of absolute silence for the Hindu Balinese. It is a day of fasting and self-introspecting throughout the entire island.
Galungan Or Melasti Ceremony
Join Hindu Balinese in procession carrying temple effigies and holy symbols as they march to the beach and spring for purification in welcoming ‘Nyepi’ holiday, the Icaka New Year.
Bali Arts Festival
Enjoy the procession of cultural treasures of each regency in Bali with various display of handicrafts, paintings, jewelries and garments and daily art performances at the Art Centre.
Bali Kites Festival
The Bali Kites Festival takes place annually between July and August, notably at the start of the windy season, and is one of Bali’s major provincial calendar highlights presenting unique cultural scenes. It gathers hundreds of competing kite troupes from all over the island flying traditional kites, alongside international teams with modern kites in various shapes and sizes.
Garebeg In Jogyakarta
A parade of the Palace Guard in Yogyakarta on procession guarding the ‘gunungan’ moving from the palace to the courtyard of the grand mosque.
Senggigi Festival
A cultural parade of colorful marches, dancers, pony carts and ‘GendangBelek’ (local drummers) marks the opening of this festival. A week of art and culture exhibition will be held at Senggigi – the most popular tourist resort in Lombok.