Welcome to Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a multi-faceted personality. Its cities are the expression of various captivating cultures and eventful history, while its tropical coast offers a stunning beachside paradise.

The North is famous for its enchanting Halong Bay, the vibrant Old Quarter of Hanoi -Capital City- and the picturesque Sapa’s landscape. Many ethnolinguistic minorities live in the mountains.

Central Vietnam is characterized by spectacular beaches, dunes and lagoons. It is also the location of the impressive imperial city of Hue and the charming ancient city of Hoi An, both listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the South, travelers experience the frenetic pace of Ho Chi Minh City life, and travel through the great and wild Mekong River to discover its floating markets and the rice-growing delta.

From cultural and authentic travel to trekking, beach holiday and cooking class, Vietnam offers a wide range of tours and activities that can be mixed and designed according to your wishes, all year round.

Festivals And Events

Vietnamese Lunar New Year – Tet Vietnam

Late January–February/5-7 days
The biggest and most sacred festival in Vietnam. Usually coincides with the Chinese New Year.

Perfume Pagoda festival

February or March
Thousands of small boats sail to the caves and shrines in the holy area in Huong Son commune, My Duc district, Ha Tay province.

Hue Festival

Every 2 years, in spring
Enjoy grand and colorful ceremonies with unique performances of several art groups from Vietnam and other countries. Hue Festival has become a space of cultural exchange between peoples all over the world.

Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival

Each month
Walk through countless coloured lanterns illuminating the city and creating a magical atmosphere. Join the celebration and taste local food.


Vietnamese cuisine is enjoyed worldwide and known for being healthy. A wide variety of local ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and spices gives the food its unique taste.

The famous Pho soup

This hot meal consists in general in a delicious bouillon with noodles and slices of meat: beef, pork. It is a nourishing and balanced meal, also a good way to keep hydrated.

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