Bali Sunrise Experience By Jeep

Tour Information

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Tour Duration: 5 Hours
Themes: Active, Romance

There is no sunrise quite like a Bali sunrise! An almost surreal vivid sky filled with yellow, orange and red rays permeating the skyline as the sun rises to start another day. Experience all of this in a relaxed and comfortable way by air-conditioned jeep.

Bali Sunrise Experience By Jeep3
Bali Sunrise Experience By Jeep2
Bali Sunrise Experience By Jeep1

We travel out to the eastern edge of Bali on this experience, with Mount Agung, Bali largest active volcano constantly in the background. Over tea or coffee and a simple continental breakfast box, witness a spectacular sunrise. After the sun has risen over the horizon, it’s time to drive down through the hills to explore a local salak fruit plantation. This locally harvested fruit, is one of Bali’s most revered, second only to Durian. Learn how it is harvested and have a go at harvesting it yourself under the watchful eye of the experienced plantation farmers.

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Bali Sunrise Experience By Jeep4
Bali Sunrise Experience By Jeep5

Sample the local wine called arak, fermented from the Salak fruit. This packs quite a punch and is sure to get you fired up for the day ahead!


  • A stunning Bali sunrise by jeep
  • A fun morning adventure by jeep through bamboo forests and salak plantations
  • A delicious continental breakfast box with strong local freshly brewed Balinese tea and coffee

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