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The Jewel of Southeast Asia

Laos – known as the jewel of Southeast Asia, has remained relatively untouched from modern globalization, making it an intriguing natural destination to visit. The true beauty of Laos lies in its people, the centuries-old traditions, and its lush and pristine landscapes.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang has been ranked as one of the most desirable travel destinations. This tranquil town along the Mekong River is dotted with glittering temples and traditional residences that are infused with French colonial architecture. Each morning at sunrise, magical Luang Prabang bears witness to hundreds of saffron-robed monks gliding through the streets, participating in the almsgiving ceremony, an old Buddhist ritual steeped in tradition and one of the region’s most iconic images. For many visitors Luang Prabang in Laos, but more intrepid travellers will discover more of the country, untainted by mass tourism.


About Laos

Luang Prabang (LPQ), Vientiane (VTE), Pakse (PKZ)


Lao, though English and Thai are spoken in the main cities.

Lao Kip (KIP), though US Dollars and Thai Baht are widely accepted.

The population of Laos is approximately 6.8 million (2016).

Most travellers can enter Laos on a 30-day tourist visa. Some countries are required to obtain a visa before entering Laos.

Standard voltage is 220V. Several plugs are possible. We recommend bringing a multi-plug adaptor.

Experience Laos

The Bamboo Experience is a local family run workshop where you will discover Lao culture…
Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This beautiful city was the royal capital and…
Experience the wonders of the Mekong around Luang Prabang, weave your way through the mountains…

Our Recommended Hotels

We work with a variety of different properties ranging from boutique hotels to glamping by a secluded river, or a traditional five-star hotel focused on quality delivery.


We work with a variety of different properties ranging from boutique hotels to glamping, or a traditional five-star hotel experience.


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Luang Prabang
Avani+ Luang Prabang featured 53 guest rooms including Avani Deluxe, Avani Deluxe Pool View and…
Luang Prabang
Nestled in a serene valley surrounded by soaring mountains, the historic town of Luang Prabang…
Ban Phanluang
Directly opposite The Apsara, The Apsara Rive Droite offers luxurious comfort set around a pool…

Tour East Laos

Rich with experiential travel opportunities, Laos is an ideal combination with other countries within the region and with the Tour East network, it could not be easier to design and create the ideal travel experience. Discover this Indo-China enclave with the Tour East team of professional travel designers and equally qualified guides as they impart their knowledge and stories. From World Heritage sites to local flavours in the bustling streets of Vientiane, let Tour East show the real Laos.

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