INFLUENCER x Tour East Group

Traveling is great. You and us, we both believe that.
Together we can share all the cool experiences with everyone, using your skill “Creativity“.


An influencer who can find and share an exotic experience of Siem Reap wanted!

2N3D Siem Reap exotic experience tour

Join our local tour and stay in a nice hotel for FREE!

We will select 1 or 2 (pair) person from all people who applied!
If you are selected as our Influencer,
we welcome you to join our 2N3D Siem Reap Exotic Experience Tour
and please take many photos and videos.

We need you to post at least 3 posts in any SNS platform during your trip.
After the trip, we will interview you for writing a web article and also submit nice photos and edited video to us.

※Campaign do not include flight ticket. Please prepare it on own before the trip.
※For other terms and conditions, please click here.

Anyone can apply!

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