Macao Light Festival

Macau’s Light Festival started in 2015 and is an annual event held in December at various locations on the Macao Peninsula and on the Islands. The event aims to draw visitors to different districts of the city to enjoy Macao by night and to learn about the local culture and history through the spectacular light artistry illuminating the city and its famous landmarks. The event program includes projection mapping, light installations, interactive games and a series of other activities, enabling the visitor to see Macau in quite a different light.

Come and enjoy 3 Glittering Days in Macau with Tour East. Enjoy first class accommodation on the dazzling Cotai Strip at the Sheraton Grand Macau, with the city’s best shops and eateries right on the doorstep. While staying in the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, be sure not to miss out on the breathtaking spectacle of the world’s largest water extravaganza called The House of Dancing Water, a show which blends acrobatics, fountain jets, fantastic light works and stunning costumes.

Macao Light Festival
Macao Light Festival

Our itinerary includes a half-day tour of the best highlights of Macau, including the Ruin of St Paulo, the Old City Wall, St Dominic’s Church, Senado Square, Leal Senado Building and a visit to the A-ma Temple. You will also enjoy a half-day visit to the quaint Coloane village with its pastel Portuguese-style buildings and narrow lanes. Visit the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and the Tam Kung Temple and see the smallest immigration in the world at the Pointe Cais De Colane, which guards the border between Macau and China with just one officer. Afterwards, enjoy a traditional Portugeuse egg tart making lesson from our master chef.

In the evenings, enjoy dining out at local restaurants with wonderful Macanese cuisine before strolling through the streets of Macau to enjoy the different light installations and the glittering light artistry illuminating famous buildings and landmarks.

Macao Light Festival4
Macao Light Festival1

We hope our itinerary will take you on a memorable journey and give you a wonderful experience of luxury accommodation, culinary delights and a glittering view of Macau.

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