Sri Lanka Launches Free Visa for Tourists

Sri Lanka has officially announced the launch of a Visa Fee Exemption program for 48 countries for travel to Sri Lanka. The program was introduced under the patronage of the Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Minister of Tourism Development and industry heads. This initiative has been set up to easily welcome tourists to the wonderful island of Sri Lanka.

This new program will commence from the 1st of August, 2019, and will be available for a period of 6 months.

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Sri Lanka will offer visas for a 30-day stay for free. The process for applying will remain the same. Travelers may apply for the visa in advance at, or can obtain a visa on arrival.

The 48 Visa fee exempted countries are: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and United States of America.