2024 Taipei Lantern Festival

Taipei Lantern Festival has been hosted by the Taipei City Government since 2017. By integrating local streets, shopping districts, and cultural characteristics with the event, it has successfully attracted tourists and provided easy access for citizens to enjoy the lantern festivals and celebrate this special holiday.

The 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival is designed with the concept of a blessing dragon, symbolizing an auspicious dragon soaring over Taipei city, bringing colors and blessing to the city.

When night falls, you can delight in the lantern sea during the Taipei Lantern Festival, taste local delicacies and, feel the vibrant of the city, and create an unforgettable night!


General Information
Name of event: 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival
Place of event: Taipei West District - Beimen, Zhonghua Road, Ximen Display Zone
Duration of event: Feb.2 – Mar.3, 2024

Website: 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival

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