Beat the Heat: 6 Must-Try Menus to Keep You Cool This Summer

It is hard to escape the summer heat when you travel to Asia this time, as the temperatures are rising. The best option is to find refreshing foods and drinks that keep you cool and hydrated. These six must-try menus are the answer, from cold noodles to refreshing tea leaf salads and rice in iced jasmine-scented water. These menus are sure to keep you cool and satisfied all summer long. To explore these flavorful summer menus, grab a cool drink, find some shade, and get ready. 

Khao Chae


A traditional Thai dish for the hot summer. A selection of tasty side dishes comes with rice served in iced, jasmine-scented water. For example, stuffed shallots, sweet pork, shredded beef, fried shrimp paste balls, and pickled vegetables These accompaniments were designed to go well with the light flavours of the rice and the jasmine water.

Es cendol 


This sweetness goes by the names Es cendol in Indonesia, Cendol in Malaysia, and Chendol in Singapore. It is a popular dessert prepared with green rice flour jelly noodles (cendol), coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, and shaved ice. In Southeast Asia, people enjoy this dessert as a cool delight on hot days. It is usually served in a bowl or a glass. Although the basic ingredients might be a bit different depending on the area, the recipe and serving style are generally the same.

Khao Chae. Image via thanasus / Shutterstock

Es Cendol. Image via E Dewi Ambarwati / Shutterstock 

Bun bo Nam Bo


Bun Bo Nam Bo is a Vietnamese noodle that originated in southern Vietnam. It is usually served cold or at room temperatureThe dish contained cold vermicelli noodles served with slices of grilled beef, fresh herbs, peanuts, and crispy shallots. It is light, healthy, and refreshing, making it perfect for hot weather. Its bright and tangy flavours from fresh herbs, lime juice, and fish sauce can help cool you down and stimulate your appetite.


Nom Plae Ai  


A traditional Cambodian dessert that’s popular in the summertime. It is made up of rice flour and coconut milk sauce flavored with pandan leaves. The dish’s name comes from its main ingredient, “plae ai,” a type of palm sugar used to sweeten the dessert. It is perfect for hot, humid days because of its refreshing texture and sweet, creamy taste.

Bun Bo Nam Bo. Image via Julia-Bogdanova / Shutterstock

Nom Plae Ai. Image via Vich_Kk / Shutterstock 

Laphet Thoke 


Laphet Thoke is also an excellent option for hot and humid weather. It is typically served with a side of fresh vegetables, which may give you more hydration and nutrients. For example, lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. A salad itself, it is made from tea leaves, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds, and other ingredients. The tea leaves’ tart and lightly bitter taste can boost hunger and cool down the body.



A common treat served in the Philippines that combines shaved ice with sweetened beans, jellies, fruits, and ice cream on top. The Tagalog term for “halo-halo” is “mix-mix,” which is perfect for this dessert as it is all about mixing different flavors and textures. It is ideal for cooling off on hot days because of its colorful and refreshing dessert  

Laphet Thoke. Image via Piccia Neri / Shutterstock

Halo-Halo. Image via Kim David / Shutterstock 

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