Bun Bang Fai: The Rocket Festival

The festival that brings rain and celebrates local culture

Rocket Festival, also known as Bun Bang Fai, is a traditional festival celebrated in Laos and Thailand. The festival is usually held in May or June, at the beginning of the rainy season.



It is believed to have originated from an ancient tradition of the Tai people, who used rockets to scare away evil spirits and bring rain for their crops. Over time, the tradition evolved into a festival celebrated in various forms throughout Laos and Thailand.


During the festival, people build and launch large homemade rockets made from bamboo, which are often several meters long. The rockets are filled with gunpowder and combustible materials, such as sawdust, charcoal, and rice husks. The rockets are launched into the sky in the hope of bringing rain for the upcoming planting season.


The rockets are launched into the sky with the help of bamboo launchers. Before the launch, a ceremony is held to bless the rockets and ask for good weather and a bountiful harvest. The rockets are then launched one by one, with the biggest and most elaborate rockets often being the festival's highlight.



In addition to rocket launches, the festival also includes traditional music, dance, and other cultural performances. People dress up in traditional costumes and enjoy local food and drinks. There are also parades and other festivities, such as beauty contests and tug-of-war competitions.


While the festival is a joyous occasion, it can also be dangerous. Rockets can malfunction and cause injury or damage to property. Therefore, it is important that safety guidelines and regulations - such as wearing protective gear and keeping a safe distance from the launch site - are followed.


The festival has its roots in animist beliefs and has been celebrated for centuries. Today, it is celebrated as a way to preserve and showcase local traditions and culture.


Get ready for a blast of excitement as you witness the explosive Rocket Festivals in various locations across Laos and Thailand! But there's one festival that stands out from the rest: the famous Yasothon Rocket Festival. This year's festival promises to be bigger and better than ever, with an electrifying atmosphere of colourful parades, lively music, and traditional dance performances. Be amazed as homemade rockets soar high into the sky, competing to see whose explosion will bring the most rain for the upcoming rice planting season.


Don't miss out on this thrilling cultural extravaganza from 19-21 May 2023 in Yasothon, Thailand!

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