Pengelipuran Village Festival 2023

Penglipuran Village is a traditional village located in the Bangli regency on the island of Bali, Indonesia. It is situated about 700 meters above sea level, which contributes to its cool climate. The village is known for its well-preserved layout and culture. One of the most distinctive features of Penglipuran is that its architectural design and village planning remain consistent throughout the area. The houses and gardens are well maintained, reflecting the community's commitment to cleanliness and order.


It is a popular destination for cultural tourism, allowing visitors to experience traditional Balinese life. The village's efforts in cultural preservation and sustainable tourism have been acknowledged with awards and recognition, such as being listed as one of the UNWTO's Best Tourism Villages in 2023.

Where is Penglipuran Village?

Penglipuran Village is located in the Bangli Regency in the central part of Bali, Indonesia. More specifically, it is situated in the Kubu sub-district and is approximately 6 kilometers from the main town of Bangli and around 54 kilometers from the popular tourist area of Kuta. It's well-known for its preserved traditional Balinese architecture, cleanliness, and community-based management. The village's higher elevation provides a cooler temperature compared to other parts of Bali, making it a comfortable place for both the residents and visitors exploring the area.

What Makes the Village so Interesting?

Penglipuran Village captivates visitors for several reasons:

Pengelipuran Village Festival 2023

Similar to the previous year, Penglipuran Village Festival 2023 - Penglipuran Village will host the upcoming Festival X, promising an equally captivating experience. This year's theme is "BAMBOO PARADISE" & "GREEN INVESTMENT FOR FUTURE GENERATION," aligning with the village's reputation as one of the cleanest in the world. It sets an example for the public.

What activities are planned for the upcoming festival?

The forthcoming Penglipuran Village Festival 2023 isn't just a celebration; it's an opportunity for businesses to unite, collaborate, and contribute to the success of Penglipuran Village Festival X 2023, set for December 7th to 9th. The official Instagram post @penglipuranfest on November 20th highlighted the simultaneous warm welcome expected from the local community and SMEs for this initiative. Additionally, its well-regarded reputation will elevate the image of Bali, specifically Penglipuran Village, for a broader international audience.


The statement from the organizers of Penglipuranfest this year gives the feeling of being in a bamboo forest, perfectly matching the theme. Regarding the upcoming events and competitions is more or less similar to the Penglipuran Village Festival IX in 2022. However, for this year, there will be a reduction in the number of events due to the festival lasting only 3 days, compared to last year's week-long celebration. Nevertheless, this will not diminish the beauty of this sacred event.


Anticipating 'Village Festival X' in Penglipuran Village Festival 2023, let's explore the thrilling events of this three-day extravaganza. The festival's theme, "Bamboo Paradise" sets the stage for a unique blend of tradition and sustainability. Join us as we explore the carefully curated schedule of activities below.


DAY 1 - Thursday, 7 Dec 2023 : OPENING CEREMONY

On the first day, true to its title, kicks off with a welcoming dance and speeches from Bali's government officials such as the Minister of Tourism and the Governor. The day unfolds with grand performances, including a colossal dance and, notably touching and captivating, a presentation by students from special needs schools (SLB). All activities on the first day take place in the bamboo forest of Penglipuran.


DAY 2 - Friday, 8 Dec 2023 : CONTEST

On the second day, the schedule is filled with contests such as the Making Breakfast Contest, Silat Performing Arts held at Jaba Pura Penataran, Fun and Fit Zumba, Guiding Contest, and Megibung Krama at Desa Rurung (Open Space Desa Penglipuran). The closing event for the second day is the 'Pelipur Lara: Wayang Cenk Blonk.


DAY 3 - Saturday, 9 Dec 2023 : CLOSING CEREMONY

On the final day of the festival, it is highlighted by the closing ceremony, which begins with the 'We Care Penglipuran' initiative followed by the Yard Arrangement Competition. The official closing ceremony encompasses a welcoming dance, prayers, and a performance by guest stars.


As Penglipuran Village Festival 2023 unveils 'Village Festival X,' dive into the harmonious blend of tradition, sustainability, and cultural pride with the 'Bamboo Paradise' theme. Beyond visuals, it's a reminder of our commitment to preserve for future generations. Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating Penglipuran's beauty, embracing the promise of a greener tomorrow.


Cover image via muratart / Shutterstock


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