Amok Restaurant and Sunset Bar

Welcome, food lovers and wanderlust seekers, to a lovely experience with one of the most captivating dining experiences on the exotic island of Bali. Set against a breathtaking sunset that paints the sky with hues of gold and crimson, Amok Sunset has become a symbol of culinary excellence, inviting you to go on a culinary journey unlike any other. Delve into the heart and soul of this remarkable dining destination, where tradition seamlessly entwines with innovation and flavors elegantly dance upon the palate like verses of poetry.


Upon entering the world of Amok Sunset, one's senses are immediately captivated by a harmonic symphony of sights, sounds, and scents. With a combination of Balinese traditional "Bale Bale" roofing and contemporary bamboo architecture, the restaurant is situated elegantly along the Balinese coastline. The panoramic view, a masterpiece of gently lapping waves, swaying palm trees, and the mesmerizing blaze of sunsets, sets the stage for an ambiance of pure enchantment.


Guests are invited to experience the restaurant's unique treetop nests, designed to offer both seclusion and an awe-inspiring view of Mount Agung and the Bali sunset. Each nest comfortably accommodates up to four people. The pool provides the perfect setting to savor Amok cocktails poolside, ensuring an uninterrupted view of the spectacular sunset.


Amok Sunset's culinary experience promises to make guests happy with a carefully crafted menu of dishes that perfectly capture the spirit of the place. From the chef selection "Tuna Sesame Seeds-a pan-seared, sesame-marinated tuna adorned with pumpkin puree, onion crisps, balsamic reduction, balsamic dressing, and frisée-to the famous "Indonesian Duck Confit," a slow-cooked half duck infused with fragrant yellow paste, served alongside Amok rice, sautéed baby green beans, sambal matah, and sambal bajak The highlight of the gastronomic journey is the delightful "Chocolate Lasagna," a harmonious blend of creamy chocolate intermingled with cheese and cookie crumbs.


No culinary odyssey is complete without an exquisite libation, and at Amok Sunset, the bar represents innovation at its best. Expert mixologists artfully craft libations that artfully complement and elevate the dining experience. Savor "The Last Standing," a captivating concoction of Spice Rum, Blue Curacao Liqueur, Fresh Lemon Juice, Apple Juice, Homemade Fresh Ginger Lemongrass Syrup, and Pasteurized Egg, while witnessing the sun's gentle descent below the horizon, which gave the place a magical moment.

The Amok restaurant and sunset bar emphasize the concept that dining is more than just a means of living; it is an experience of the senses and a celebration of beauty. It invites everyone to set aside the ordinary and seek the extraordinary. Whether traveling alone or with friends and family, Amok Sunset ensures an experience that exceeds all expectations and leaves a lasting impression on both the heart and the palate.


All images are credited to © Amok Restaurant and Sunset Bar

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