Canna Bali

Inspired by Mediterranean style, Canna Bali seamlessly integrates locally sourced recycled natural materials throughout its venue, embracing the surrounding environment and resources. The organic designs blur the lines between luxurious man-made elements and the idyllic natural setting. The vibrant world of Canna encompasses Canna Shade, Canna Sand, Canna Sky, Canna Lodge, Canna Pool, and Canna Deck. Adding to the allure, Canna Bali features a remarkable fine-dining restaurant named Cliff at Canna, exclusive VIP sections called Stone at Canna, and an electrifying club known as Cave at Canna.

Elevating your experience, Canna Bali provides lifts for guests' comfort within its expansive area. Immerse yourself in the various offerings of Canna Shade, Canna Sand, Canna Sky, Canna Lodge, Canna Pool, and Canna Deck. Additionally, savor a fine-dining experience at Cliff at Canna, indulge in exclusive luxury at Stone at Canna for private events, and revel in the vibrant late-night parties at Cave at Canna.

Cliff at Canna offers a romantic and exceptional fine-dining experience. Through floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the sand and sea while relishing delectable dishes. This breakthrough concept combines classic materials with upcycled elements from old houses, creating a captivating interior design.

Designed for exclusive private events of up to 40 people, Stone at Canna provides utmost exclusivity, five-star amenities, and impeccable service. Featuring a private entrance, pool, shower, and a dedicated team including a chef, mixologist, and butler, Stone at Canna promises a truly affluent experience with astonishing views of Nusa Dua's scenic beauty.

As day turns into night, Cave at Canna comes alive, offering a vibrant club set within a sophisticated man-made cave. This multifunctional space delivers a multisensory experience while seamlessly integrating the rocks and stones from the cave construction into the organic interior design, aligning with Canna Bali's eco-friendly values.

For those seeking a fabulous day by the sea, Canna Sky is the perfect spot. This fully air-conditioned indoor area brings the awe-inspiring ocean view indoors while incorporating contemporary organic designs that harmonize with nature's elements.

Canna Lodge presents a delightful restaurant and bar where guests can savor mouthwatering cuisine, take respite from the sun and sand, and enjoy magnificent views, refreshing breezes, and the vibrant Bali weather under a comfortable roof. Featuring reclaimed wood and Boho decor, Canna Lodge creates a laid-back yet fashionable atmosphere for an exceptional dining experience by the sea.

Embracing the Bohemianism concept and Tunisian style, Canna Sand showcases fantastic craftsmanship through nature-inspired designs. Families can indulge in dreamy oceanside picnics, enjoying bonfires, romantic music, and striking Instagrammable installations.

Canna Deck & Pool are the epitome of tropical outdoor celebrations after sunset. Accompanied by classic house disco beats spun by renowned DJs, Canna Pool features a generously sized pool surrounded by plush sunbeds, offering a mesmerizing view of the sparkling blue ocean against immaculate white sands.

Canna Bali, a captivating destination nestled along the breathtaking white sandy beaches of Nusa Dua, Bali. This hidden gem is a haven of ethereal beauty, meticulously designed to provide an unparalleled experience from day to night.



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