Fort Siloso Night Experience

Step back in time at Fort Siloso Heritage and become a British soldier defending Singapore's shores. Led by a role-playing Military Officer, this immersive tour treats you as a recruit on night duty. Explore historical sites by lamplight, venture into the Tunnel B Complex, Barracks & Officers Mess, and handle historical materials. This exclusive, hands-on adventure is a limited offer only for Tour East guests. Seize the opportunity to experience history firsthand!



  • Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Tour East on the thrilling Fort Siloso Night Experience Tour (FSNE).
  • Crafted solely for Tour East and Sentosa Development guests, this private tour unveils unique highlights of Fort Siloso's history, found nowhere else.
  • Dive into an unparalleled exploration!

Cover image via Adwo / Shutterstock.


  • English Speaking Guide.


  • Transportation into Sentosa and parking fees in Sentosa.
  • Gratuities.

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