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Plenty of inspiring experiences are available all over Asia to help you plan your next holiday; all you need to do is choose.

  • Coron Super Ultimate Tour
    On this full-day tour, experience the stunning landscapes and captivating underwater wonders of Coron, one of the Philippines' most cherished touris..
  • Forest Research Institure Of Malaysia (FRIM)
    The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) is a globally renowned institution that pioneers research on tropical forestry. It is located in Ke..
  • Rafflesia Spotting
    Embark on an unforgettable journey through the lush Malaysian tropical forest to witness the captivating beauty of the Rafflesia flower, a botanical..
  • Paradise 101
    Travellers can escape the bustle of the main island on this immersive day island, which will leave you feeling completely recharged. It is a must fo..
  • Bangkok Sites by Foot, Tuk Tuk, and River Boat
    Explore the vibrant tapestry of local transportation wonders with this exceptional travel experience!
  • Muay Thai Training and Thai Traditional Massage
    Thai boxing, or Muay Thai, is Thailand’s national sport and the most unique of its kind among all martial arts. Tour East offers to experience a hal..
  • The Beaten Track of Bangkok by Rickshaw and Bicycle
    Bang Kachao, also referred to as "Bangkok's Green Lung," a hidden gem in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Recognized by Time magazine's "Best of Asia..
  • Laguna Golf Phuket
    Laguna Golf Phuket is an amazing golf destination located in Phuket, Thailand. It offers a stunning golf course, picturesque surroundings, and a war..
  • Keelung Islet
    Keelung Islet is one of Taiwan's Outlying Islets, located approximately 4.6 km away from Keelung port. With an area of around 27,000 m2 and a peak e..
  • Hehuan Mountain
    There are more than 260 high mountains in Taiwan, over 3,000 meters above sea level. Taiwan has the highest density of high mountains in the world.
  • The Jeep 4wd Tour of Black Lava (Kintamani Volcano)
    Experience the breathtaking beauty of Bali beyond its famous beaches and culture with a thrilling Jeep 4WD tour of Black Lava (Kintamani Volcano). T..
  • Serangan Explorer
    Join the Serangan Explorer team in Bali for an amazing adventure amidst the island's stunning landscapes. You will discover hidden natural gems, lik..

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