Meet Bar at The Grand Hotel

Meet Bar offers a unique experience within the historic setting of the Red House. Here, you can savor specially brewed wine that was once reserved for heads of state while immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of culture. The name "Meet" in MEET Bar carries a special meaning, as it is a homonym for "secret passage" in Chinese. The bar serves as a bridge between old and new spaces that stand side by side, symbolizing both the bygone era and the present of The Grand Hotel.


At the time of the opening of MEET Bar, the hotel introduced a new way to experience "a slightly intoxicating walk in Taipei." Guests are invited to explore the East Secret Passage, which has been opened at night for the first time in five decades, before indulging in a drink at the bar. Regardless of your social status, you can traverse the original cave that connects the hotel's past and present, discover the Secret Garden, and quietly admire the former residence of Kung Ling-Wei, all within the enchanting atmosphere of MEET Bar.


On your way back to the bar, you have the option to order a glass of the "Red House" cocktail to mark the occasion. Guests presenting their admission bracelet from MEET Bar can also enjoy a discount, allowing you to appreciate history while feeling slightly intoxicated.

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