Rainbow Village

The vibrant Rainbow Village is located in Nantun, Taichung, and has gained popularity as one of the must-visit attractions in Taiwan in recent years.


The walls of this village were adorned with colorful paint by a retired soldier named Mr. Huang Yung-Fu. However, the government's urban development plans initially posed a threat to the existence of this unique artwork. In just two days, more than 3,000 people rallied to support Rainbow Village. Eventually, the city government recognized the cultural significance of the paintings and decided to modify their urban development plans to preserve them.


Mr. Huang Yung-Fu began his artistic endeavor in September 2008. He used the walls of the military housing as his canvas, painting his dreams and breathing new life into the old structures. Due to his transformative work, he has affectionately become known as "Grandpa Rainbow."


Every painting adorning the house walls in Rainbow Village is the creation of Grandpa Rainbow himself. These vivid artworks capture the essence of the village and showcase Grandpa Rainbow's boundless creativity, radiating childlike wonder and joy.


In early 2023, Grandpa Rainbow celebrated his 100th birthday. Until recently, he maintained his artwork with unwavering dedication, waking up at 4 a.m. daily. If you're fortunate, you may have the opportunity to meet him and even snap a photo together!

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