The Beaten Track of Bangkok by Rickshaw and Bicycle

Bang Kachao, also referred to as "Bangkok's Green Lung," a hidden gem in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Recognized by Time magazine's "Best of Asia" in 2006 as the "Best Urban Oasis," Bang Kachao provides a serene haven within the bustling metropolis. Enjoy its greenery, winding canals, and lovely bicycle paths. Serving both nature lovers and adventure seekers, the area promotes eco-friendly activities such as biking and sustainable tourism. Bang Kachao is a unique place appreciated by both locals and visitors looking for a genuine and restorative experience because of the seamless mix of urban bustle and natural tranquility.


This immersive journey involves a multi-vehicle adventure. This excursion begins with a convenient hotel pickup, transporting guests to Wat Klong Toei Nok. From there, a local ferry awaits to carry them across the Chao Phraya River. Upon arriving in Bang Khachao, embrace the beauty of the area as they embark on a scenic bicycle ride, exploring notable sites and participating in local activities. As the journey unfolds, a rickshaw ride returns guests to the pier, followed by a return ferry ride, and a convenient transfer to the hotel, completing the circle of exploration and tranquility.


Explore the many enriching opportunities in Bang Kachao. Visit the captivating Thai-Chinese architecture temples, enjoy the Botanic Garden's magnificence while participating in fish feeding activities. Engage with the local community by participating in activities such as crafting incense sticks and producing batik scarves at Ban Thoop. The path leads to the vibrant Bang Nampheung local market, offering a tantalizing array of Thai culinary delights, from savory fish cakes to crispy fried vegetables and the refreshing taste of coconut ice cream. Savor a delectable lunch at a local eatery, further enjoying the rich tapestry of flavors this destination offers.

Bang Kachao stands as a testament to Bangkok's astounding diversity. With its luxuriant landscapes, bustling markets, and immersive cultural encounters, it beckons visitors to decelerate, embrace the moment, and weave memories that endure long after they depart its serene shores. For those in search of an escape beyond the ordinary, Bang Kachao is an indispensable addition to everyone's travel itinerary. Embarking on a journey into this emerald paradise guarantees an unforgettable adventure, inviting everyone to embrace the extraordinary.

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